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 LAME MP3 DLL. (361 Kb, ver 3.93.1). Unzip the lame_enc.dll and put in the same directory as Audiograbber and you will have an internal MP3 encoder. The dll is also found at this mirror site. You can for example use Winzip to unzip the dll. LAME is a fast MP3 encoder that gives the best possible sounding MP3's. LAME's official homepage is here.

Another MP3 dll that works internally in Audiodgrabber is BladeEnc.
 L3enc was the MP3 encoder that started the MP3 era. It is no longer developed but I link to it for nostalgic reasons. The L3enc program can also be downloaded from here.

 Takabin makes the Japanese language file for Audiograbber. He is also a good programmer and has made a freeware cd-player. The best thing with his cd-player is that it can play karaoke cd's (CDG's) and display the lyrics. It supports very many CD-ROM drives since it can use both raw subchannels and deinterleaved subchannels to read the graphical part of the disc. There are more interesting freeware programs on his site, some of them which works in combination with Audiograbber.

 Karaoke Playground is a good Brittish site about karaoke. They have a good forum with lots of discusssions.

 DimensionMusic has for several years been the leading MP3 news site. Just go there for MP3 news, software, hardware, everything!

 MuzicMan. This is what it says on MuzicMans homepage: "MuzicMan is an easy, powerful and logical way to manage your MP3 music collection. More than just an MP3 player, MuzicMan was designed to manage vast amounts of digital muzic". I have tested and I agree.

 Cool Edit is a digital audio editor, mixer and recorder. Probably the best audio application of any kind.

 Winamp, the famous MP3 player. This is the MP3 player I use myself and I like the rest of the world like it!

 EatSleepMusic. This company offers Karaoke songs and software for downloading and streaming.

 Tucows is the best place to find freeware and shareware applications. They test and rates all the programs they review. Here are some other good shareware sites.

 Borland C++ builder is simply the best application development environment there is. Audiograbber is made with Borland C++ Builder 1.0 standard edition ($99 or something).

  Total Recoder is a virtual device driver for your sound card. It can grab all sounds your soundcard plays and save it as wav files.

 Andromeda makes it easy to play music over your home LAN, corporate intranet, or the Web.

 WOW Thing. This Winamp plugin makes the sound much better! You can get the plug in as either a software plugin or hardware.

 Warp2Search. It's not a search engine, it's a site with daily tech news. Sometimes they write about Audiograbber.

 Code Sector has two good programs. One replacement for Windows mixer control (the speaker icon in system tray) and one clipboard manager. The clipboard manager is very userful for me who writes the same text in a lot of e-mails all days. Highly recommended!

 Jolt Cola. What can I say? It takes Jolt to be a late night hacker! Watch out for the European fake Jolt, it shall be the 12 oz. can that clearly says 2X caffeine. (The European fake Jolt contains less caffeine and states "Maximum power, maximum taste". it is not legal to to put too much caffeine in soda pops here and this European variant doesn't taste as good as the US original either).

This is a picture that can be used if you want to link to the Audiograbber site. Paste this into your .html code

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