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Just click the checkboxes and press Grab!
Really easy, select tracks and press Grab!

This is the main window of Audiograbber and what comes up when the program starts. You can easily rearrange the tracks order by dragging them to new positions. At the bottom of the mainwindow, there are controls for playing the music. This means that Audiograbber also can work as an ordinary cd player. Well, the main purpose is of course not just to play tracks, but to copy them digitally from the cd and optionally convert them to MP3's.

The searching penguins, looking for tracknames on Internet
The penguins help you find the tracknames on the Internet, instead of entering them manually.

If you don't feel like manually entering all tracknames, you can press the CDDB-button and let the penguins find them for you. CDDB (Compact Disc Data Base) is a world wide database with info about almost every cd ever made.

This is what is hiding under the menus...
File menu CD menu
Settings menu Help menu

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