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Audiograbber General Settings
These are the general settings that can be done in Audiograbber.

   From here you tell where to store the final files, which can be wav's, mp3's or wma's.

   The Access Method is a very important setting. There is no default setting that will work for all cd-roms. You will have to try until you find one that works for you.

   The naming tab tells Audiograbber how to name the final waves/mp3s. Check the boxes, and rearrange them into the way you feel is best.

   There is no need to save a lot of unnecessary silence at the start and end of a song so Audiograbber can delete it automatically. This is found at the Silence tab.

   The Rip Offset tab is very important if your cd-rom needs time to spin up before starting to rip, or if there are disturbing clicks at the beginning/end of tracks etc. You can also choose to make sample clips from the cd's here.

   Since the program tries to tell you how long time it will take to process the tracks it must know how quick the computer and the cd-rom are. Those values are recalculated all the time but you can also adjust them manually.

   The final tabs, Misc, includes some goodies. You can for example use your windows cdplayer.ini to make audiograbber recognize the cd's with their tracknames when they are inserted. Audiograbber can shut down your computer after it has finished, disable the screensaver whilst ripping etc.

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