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Select your normalize settings Normalize means how loud a song is played.

   Most of the cd's have been normalized to about 96-97% when the factory has made them and that is good. However, a few cd's has a lot lower output value, like Gary Glitter's greatest hits. That one is only about 75%. Playing a track from such a cd after a normal one will most likely make you change the volume on your amplifier. From here you can make that output level be adjusted once for all.

   There is no need to change cd's that are already quite good normalized and that is why the option "But only..." is included. 100% means maximum output value and 0 % means absolut silence.

There is also a much more advanced normalizing feature hiding under the "Advanced" button. Sometimes it is just not enough to measure how loud a song plays by looking at the peak value. The advanced normalizing function can also look at the average output level and even compress the sound! That function is very useful when you make compilation (Greatest hits) cd's.

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