If you want to start from scratch and make a language file then download Template.lng and make a copy of it to your countries name.lng. Store the file in the same directory as Audiograbber. Open that file in a text editor, (I recommend Ultraedit in case you don't already have a good text editor). Now you can run Audiograbber and edit the language file simultaneously. To see the changes use File -> Choose Language and reload the template file.

    If you already have a language file and want to update it then simply get the lngcheck (further down on this page) and follow the instructions in that program.

    Here's a few things to think about when you edit a language file:
    Line feeds are replaced with \n in the language file. Sometimes variables are patched into the text strings, like %d, %s, %.2f etc. Just as in pure C programming. (Audiograbber uses a lot of sprintf instructions, I love that function!). Don't change those %d's etc. They must come in the same order according to each other but they can of course come mixed with any words.

    Some texts are not always easy to fit on the space reserved for them, you may sometimes need to think about good expression that also fits under a button etc. Some text that goes onto a button, "Abort" for example is also filled up with a few spaces after the word. The picture on the button and the text are centered together so it is sometimes needed to fill out wiht a few spaces so the picture comes to the left on the button. This is not so easy to see in the template file but if you press the "End" button on your keyboard you'll see how far the cursor moves.

    You will also notice that you find texts in the template file which you don't know how to see in the program. You have to send me an e-mail and ask how to find where those texts are in the program until I find a better solution. You must also give away the language file for free so everybody is allowed to do whatever they want with it. (You can't claim any copyrights).

    Another thing worh mentioning is the CharacterSet=DEFAULT_CHARSET line in the language file. This is the normal setting for west european character sets. If you are from Japan it is better to use SHIFTJIS_CHARSET instead. I can't say that I really understand how this works but anyhow, here are the different charsets that can be used:

    Here is a little program that tests the language file so all topics are translated. lngcheck.zip (163 Kb).

    You can get some finished language files from the download page.

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