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Audiograbber is copying a track
This is how it looks like when Audiograbber is copying a track.

A few things need to be explained on this page which can look a little different depending on your settings in Audiograbber. In this case we have first told the program to rip the track, then normalize it and finally make an MP3. It is also possible to go directly from cd to MP3.

How quick the audio is read depends on your cd. This picture has been taken with a Plextor SCSI CD-ROM drive (Plextor = Top quality). As you can see it rips at over 24x speed and copies a track in a few seconds. Other CD-ROM drives can only rip at 1x speed but a normal speed is around 6x. You can also see a "possible speed problems" indicator at the top right corner. If your computer/harddisk can't keep up with the cd speed then there is a risk for clicks and pops in the final file. There are however some other settings in Audiograbber to overcome that problem in case it happens.

The normalization indicates how loud the track is playing. When the copying has finished the track will be normalized to 98% so that all tracks from different cd's will be about equally loud. Those settings can be changed from the normalize settings dialog.
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