An acm codec is a kind of program that works almost like a DLL. That means that it has functions that can be called from other programs but it can not be run separately.
Fraunhofer has made such a codec for MP3 creation and it is a lot faster then the L3enc program. The codec comes in two versions, the advanced and the professional. The advanced version is shipped with Microsofts Netshow which is free but unfortunately it supports only low bitrates for encoding. It does however support higher bitrates for decoding.

The professional version is better and supports bitrates up to 128 Kbit for encoding. This one has to be purchased and is quite expensive however... Contact Fraunhofer directly for information.

The filename of the codecs are l3codeca.acm and l3codecp.acm. They should be placed in the c:\windows\system directory. The file c:\windows\system.ini must also be updated in the section [drivers32] with this:

msacm.l3acm=l3codecp.acm           ;for the professional one.
msacm.l3acm=l3codeca.acm           ;for the advanced one.

Note that it is a small L and not a one character in front of l3codec!

You can look in the Control Panel -> Multimedia and the advanced tab to see what sound compression codecs you have installed.

If you do not have any codec or you have the one that can only make 56 Kbit MP3's then you can get a freeware MP3 dll from the download page instead.

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